Thursday, February 25, 2010

Over Achievers!!!

My best friend has been nominated for Teacher of the Year in our state. She had to put together a tri-fold foam board that showed her teaching philosophy and classroom, and the board will be on display for the Dept of Education. I helped her embellish it with some EDPD cuties!! (Don't worry, the board isn't being judged, so she was allowed to have help on it!! )

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potty Chart

So, my 2 1/2 y.o. daughter has been consistently going #1 on the potty since before Christmas....but for whatever reason, she has a hard time with #2. In fact, she REFUSES to do it on the potty at all. If I catch her "squatting" and I try to rush her to the bathroom, she absolutely throws a fit! Now, I know that it's normal for the #2 to come later, but I thought I'd try to see how I could help her overcome her issue with #2....

She's been a little over-the-top with the Little Mermaid lately...She even thought Prince Eric was a cartoon of her "daddy" which I found slightly amusing! **love you, honey!** So, we chatted about the Potty Chart, and I gave her some options of what she could have on it....and I made this for her...

Now to spare you all the gory potty training details, I will just leave you with the fact that TONIGHT....her first night on the new potty chart...she went #2 on the potty!! And she proudly put her first shell on the chart....I just hope this continues!! **fingers crossed**

I put some 'reward shells' on the chart for the pictures...she gets to put one up for each day that she goes ALL DAY on the potty. I know a lot of people give stickers or such for each successful potty endeavor, but since she very rarely has a #1 accident, we felt we needed something a little different. Every five shells she gets, she will get a small prize, and then when she hits 20, she'll get a larger one (TBD at a later date by my hubby and I!)....Man, It will be great if this works! :)

Here are close-up images of Ariel and Flounder...Enjoy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Treat Bags

As my daughter gets older, the holidays are definitely more enjoyable. I stayed up until midnight last night, finishing up these Treat Bags for her daycare friends. I had fun making them, but more importantly, she is excited to give them out today!! I used the Paisley Cricut Cartridge for the bee, Peachy Keen Stamps for the faces, and Cuttin' Up Cricut Cartridge for the font....welding it with my Cricut Design Studio. It's somewhat hard to read the font, but it's "Bee Mine".....(I know, I know! I'm terribly witty! ) Enjoy!