Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Halloween Goodies

I know that Halloween is over....long over. The only remnants of Halloween are the few Pixie Stix that are left in my daughter's orange pumpkin bucket. Seems no one wants to eat those, with the exception of my naughty kitten, who loves to dig them out of the bucket and bat them around the kitchen floor. But even though Halloween is over, I still have another Halloween post for you. And then I'll move on...I promise. These $1 orange buckets from JoAnn's cleaned up nicely with a few decorations from Mini Monsters and Happy Hauntings. Assorted ribbons trim the bucket handles. Martha Stewart's Drippy Goo border punch decorate the edges.

I also made up some of the 3D coffins from Happy Hauntings, and threw a die-cut on each of them to dress them up. A real quick Halloween treat box for my nieces and nephew!

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